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24/7 Legal Services offers a fast, accurate and reliable court filing service that law firms can rely on. We have developed a team of assiduous document specialists and couriers to make sure that documents are filed in a timely manner. We operate in keeping with the requirements of the Los Angeles County Court System and our team is capable of handling all court filings, from the straightforward to very involved.

We recognize that the court filing process is essential. That is why we have developed a system that keeps who up to date and legally protected. You will be updated as to the status of the filing throughout and will receive a digital ‘Proof of Service’ following successful completion. Not only this, we can also file your proof and utilize ‘Skip Tracing’ services to help track down individual where necessary.

This full range of court filing services, coupled with our positive attitude towards customer service, means your peace of mind is ensured when you work with 24/7 Legal Services.