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For the legal system to work optimally in the modern world, it is essential that professionals have access to a reliable, speedy and experienced process server. Securing an expert process server means that you can avoid disruption to the litigation process caused by failure to serve documents in a timely and effective manner.

The correct term for the proper delivery of legal documents is ‘Service of Process.’ A fully qualified service of process agent is able to deliver a full range of legal documents, including (but not limited to): Subpoenas, Small Claims, Notices to Quit the Premises, Summons and Complaints.

In order to ensure the court has jurisdiction over the case in question and the issues described within the pleading, legal documents must be served properly. This gives the court the power to make effective decisions.

As document delivery can play a crucial part in a case, it can be difficult to choose a responsible process server. 24/7 Legal Services are a speedy process server with unparalleled expertise. 24/7 Legal Services process servers handle every Service of Process with unparalleled expertise. We don’t just knock and leave, we attempt every service as if it is an investigation.